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Da 2062 shortage annex example Form: What You Should Know

PPCV5M8D2 PDF (This form may require download to view. For more details  HAND RECEIPT/AGREEMENT Citation of Author. The following document is hereby released or transferred into the public domain: “The Handbook of Professional Responsibility for the US Army,” by Major General James D. Wooten, US Army (RET'd),  This work was last revised on August 19, 2012, RELEASE: 10 MAY 2012 HAND RECEIPT OF PIONEER HANDBOOK OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE UNITED STATES ARMY, ADMINISTRATIVE NOTICE FOR RELEASE OF HAND BOOK OF POETRY RESPONSIBILITY: In the Name of the People of the United States, I, The H ABBY M ON, DO, under my Hand or Wrist, as the case may be, the first Vice Admiral of the United States Navy, do hereby release, and hereby transfer, into the public domain, the following copyrighted work, the contents of which are the sole property of the author (except where otherwise identified): “The Handbook of Professional Responsibility for the United States Army;” written in the United States of America and published in the United States of America to the end that the people thereof may have confidence in the honesty and virtue of their military leaders and officers; which is dedicated to the consideration of this nation. Signed: The H ABBY M ON By permission of the Publisher The foregoing copyright notice and this permission notice are correct to the best of the author's knowledge and belief and confirm that this work was in the public domain in each and every jurisdiction where it was reproduced or made and is set for publication in the United States of America on the date of the termination of this permission notice. It is the express and understood purpose of the copyright laws of the United States to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries; and it is not intended to exclude or limit the effect of any common law or other laws applicable in all jurisdictions; but the author(s) and owner shall have the exclusive right to grant perpetual Licenses for the use of their work at any time and in any manner and for any purpose.

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