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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Da form 2765-1 instructions

Instructions and Help about Da form 2765-1 instructions

Here all the pieces for my form1 suppressor it will be in 22 caliber and I've got the design printed out I did this design in a libri design just like I did with the ar-15 and these are the pieces of metal that I hope to turn into the suppressor as pictured these end caps we made in 304 stainless which is what this piece of metal is is currently 1.125 inches I turned it down to about an inch on the lathe and then use the mill to do all the threading and the little wrench cutouts around the edge this monocore right here will be made of aluminum and again I'll use the mill to cut them on a core out and then I'll tip the monocore up on the edge and again use the mill to thread mill and this tube is right here and it will be made of titanium so this is a one-inch outer diameter titanium tube it has a point zero five one inch wall thickness this piece of aluminum that I'm going to use for the monocore is also one inch in diameter and I will turn that down on my lathe until it's a very good fit not necessarily a tight fit but a reasonably tight fit inside of this tube and those pieces will be a suppressor when they all come together my form 1 has been approved by the ATF for quite some time now and so it's a legal and time for me to start building this thing first operation is to make this one-inch piece of round aluminum square on top and in order to do this online mill I've got a large check here that has a flat back and I have mounted that to the table on my mill and whenever I eventually put this piece of aluminum on my lathe I need a hole in the center of it so that my tailstock can accurately hold it so I'm going to first use my face mill to make this perfectly flat and then I will use a dial indicator to figure out exactly where the center of this piece of round stock is and then I will use a starter drill Center drill to make a hole in it so now I'll take off the top and make it flat all right so that that did takeoff material from the entire top so I know that that is now flat with the mill and now I will work on getting that centered underneath the spindle so this is a coaxial indicator I use it for finding the centers of anything around whether it be an inside diameter or an outside diameter right now obviously I'm set it up to look at the outside diameter and the way it works is that this little feeler gauge if it moves you see that movement in the needle and if you have the center of.

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