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Da 2765-1 instructions Form: What You Should Know

Mesquite, TX. Use DA Form 2765-1 — Basic Supply Procedures ​ to complete all the information provided on this form. Do not check the box (and pay the fee) if additional information is required to complete the form. Figure 2-11 provides a checklist of the required items to complete a DA Form 2765-1. Figure 2-10: DA Form 2765-1 and Instructions with the information needed to complete the completed DA Form 2765-1. Figure 2-11: DA Form 2765-1 completed using the instructions shown in the following figure. Note: the form is ready for submission when the blank page is displayed. Note that the complete DA Form 2765-1 should have enough information for you to complete the form. Figure 2-12 shows how to add additional forms and procedures to make your document complete. Figure 2-12: Add Additional Forms and Procedures on the Left and How to Form an Individual Unit DA Form 2765-1 — Basic Supply Procedures Sign, complete, and annotate the complete DA Form 2765-1 using the following instructions: Sign the DA Form 2765-1. This must be completed by a person authorized to sign any document on or in the receipt provided to the recipient, such as a recipient's commanding officer, the person receiving the copy of the receipt; or the customer's commanding officer, any person receiving the request for issue or turn-in of the receipt of the recipient. This includes the time and date the DA Form 2765-1 is to be submitted. Sign and date the DA Form 2765-1 with the following information : Unit of Issue Identification Number: This must match the unit number of the unit in which the item is to be issued. Date of Issuance: This must be the date the DA Form 2765-1 is to be submitted to the recipient or the date of the final disposition of the item in the recipient's unit. Amount to be Issued: This identifies the type of equipment to be issued, such as the quantity of supply to be issued in this specific quantity. Type(s): See DA Form 2765-1 Appendix 1 and paragraph 2.2 for required types. Unit: This is the unit name that the recipient will receive the DA Form 2765-1 in. Examples: Engineer Sergeant (ESS); or, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, 1st Marine Division (1st BDE 1 2nd BDE).

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Da form 2765-1 instructions

Instructions and Help about Da form 2765-1 instructions

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